Before Treatment

  • Please arrive with a minimum of 2+ weeks for hair growth from shaving for all areas (1/4 of an inch).

    • Underarms = 1 week minimum

    • Hairs may be trimmed upon arrival

  • Arrive with clean skin avoiding any lotions, moisturizers, or oils

  • Exfoliate the skin a few days before service for smoother results

  • Avoid any strenuous activity before arriving as any sweat will affect the paste and may cause sensitivity

  • It is recommended to do sugaring at least 3 days before any special event

  • Arriving with a tampon is ok during menstrual cycle as long as it isn’t a heavy period

    • Restrooms and wipes are available to freshen up, option to bring your own wipes

  • Pregnant clients are welcomed with reclined tables for your comfort

After Treatment

  • Avoid any spray tanning, suntanning, swimming, strenuous activity, sauna, and or steam

  • Avoid applying any heavy products or exfoliating the area for the day but may shower as normal

  • Avoid scrubbing the areas a few weeks after sugaring. After a few weeks, begin to scrub the areas every other day as this will assist the hair growth

  • Keeping up with the brazilian maintenance around 4-6 weeks is recommended as the hairs will become finer and sparse resulting a less painful service compared to the first visit. Around this time, hairs will be 1/4 of an inch.

Brazilian Hair Removal

Everything is removed with an option of a landing strip or triangle left in the front.