Frequently Asked Questions

*for brazilian services

What is the difference between waxing vs sugaring?

Sugaring is an alternative form to wax for those who are very sensitive. With wax, some people tend to swell, scab, or become intensely red and irritated. Sugaring is less aggressive and doesn’t take off much skin. The technique is also done differently and consists of only three natural ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water where as waxing contains chemicals.

What should I do before the service?

Arrive free of lotions or oils on the skin, exfoliate the skin a few days before service, and grow out the hairs at least two weeks from shaving.

What should I do after the service?

You may shower as normal but avoid scrubbing the area or applying products onto the skin unless recommended from the esthetician.

Are there restrooms available?

Restroom is available to freshen up before the service. Bringing your own wipes is recommended. Upon arrival, you will also be asked if using the restroom is needed. Wipes are also available.

What if I'm on my menstrual cycle?

If it is light, please arrive with a tampon. If it is heavy, please send a notice to Bold Sugaring and your appointment will be rescheduled.

Can I get a spray tan the same day?

Please wait a few days to get a spray tan after sugaring to avoid irritating the follicles.

Can you sugar any part of the body?

Yes, generally all areas of the body can be sugared (except men's facial hair, but brows are ok).

Can my brows be sugared?

Yes, same reason why people are unable to wax, sugaring leaves less redness and irritation on the skin.

Is it painful?

It isn’t painless and every one handles pain differently. It definitely gets easier during monthly visits.

How long does it take to do a brazilian?

First visits or overdue brazilians can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes and brazilian maintenance 10-20 minutes. This includes time for tweezing and extractions. Every client is different therefore extra time is needed to ensure service isn’t rushed.

Can I go to the gym or beach after sugaring?

No, it is recommended to avoid any sweating or ocean water as they can clog and irritate the hair follicles resulting break outs.

Can I get sugared while I’m pregnant?

It's generally considered safe for pregnant women to get waxed during pregnancy. Hairs usually grow at a faster rate and most pregnant clients are more sensitive.

How long should the hairs be?

Please grow out the hairs two weeks from shaving. Hairs must be at least 1/4 inch long (length of a grain of rice).

What if my hairs are too long?

That is ok. Long hairs will be trimmed upon arrival.

Will my hairs eventually stop growing?

No, hairs will start to grow out sparse and thin for a few months and eventually become thick again. This this is not permanent but lasts longer than shaving. It is also perfect for those who are going out of town and don’t want to worry about the hairs growing back soon.

What if have ingrowns?

Ingrowns will be extracted after the sugaring process. Products may be recommended.

What can I use to scrub my skin before my next sugaring?

A loofah works best when showering to help prevent ingrowns and lift hairs from the skin during it’s growing process.

What if I have an event or trip coming up?

If you are traveling to any humid areas, please plan this at least 5 days ahead. Although, it is best to try the service at least a month ahead if it is your very first time.

How often should I keep up with my braziliian sugaring?

Keeping up with the brazilian maintenance around 4-6 weeks is recommended as the hairs will become finer and sparse resulting a less painful service compared to the first visit. Around this time, hairs should be 1/4 of an inch. Exfoliate the area a few days before service.

Can I come in earlier around 3 weeks?

Some hairs will be too short for the paste to grab. It is still ok to remove as long as you are aware that the shorter ones that can not be grabbed will grow a few days after the removal. There are also others whose hairs grow extremely fast and that is also ok.

What if my hairs are growing too slow for maintenance?

Hair will appear very sparse and thin and should be removed around that time. Try booking around four to six weeks for the next visit and the esthetician will determine how fast or slow your hairs are growing and will recommend the best time to come in.

What if I am late to my appointment?

If your are 15 minutes late to your appointment, that means arriving to the door, your appointment will be cancelled and fees will be applied. Please keep in mind that there may be another client scheduled right after your appointment and being late will push back all the appointments throughout the day, another client could have taken that appointment time, and or time that is needed to clean up after clients has been taken away.

Please feel free to come early and check to see if the sugarist has finished early with the client ahead. There are seating areas in the building or outside the door of the suite.

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